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Welcome, AGDD Students

to the sister site of the AGDD Moodle site! While we will still be using Moodle for the majority of your coursework this semester, I am providing you all with webspace for your GDD and TDD. During the semester, you are required to work on both documents and, as I am requiring them to be in html, I have created this domain for you to work on, login details to be distributed at a later date.

Please refer to the left sidebar to browse your and your classmates websites for the course. Refer to the right sidebar for data pertinent to this course. You must read the site rules and adhere to the contents therein to maintain your access to the site.

A Word template for the GDD and TDD are also posted in the right sidebar. You will use this template for both parts of your assignments, however, you cannot post Word HTML (and, trust me, we will know). You will need to break each major section heading into it's own webpage and create your menu system such that it is very easy to navigate your site. To be very clear - do NOT use Word to make your HTML.

You may use any of the scripting languages listed in the site rules on this site. You may request for more services and I will provide them if 1) it is a valid request, 2) the server supports your request, and 3) if it does not require hours of work on my part (a.k.a. I will not reconfigure Apache for you - to be fair, I cannot reconfigure Apache on this server anyway). You are also welcome to use the CSS that is on the pages I created for this site, however, you will probably want to make your own so that it will match your game.

Tentative Schedule

Assignment Name
Date Assigned
Due Date
Game Design Document January 9th Febuary 6th
Game Pitch January 9th January 23rd
Lighs, World, Sky January 14th January 30th
Technical Design Document January 30th Febuary 25th
Prototypes January 30th Febuary 18th
Cut Scenes Scripts Febuary 13th Febuary 27th
Alpha Release January 30th March 25th
Height and Location Mapping March 11th March 20th
Quaternion Based Camera March 20th April 3rd
Beta Release January 30th April 29th
Final Release January 30th May 6th