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Have you ever seen a ghost or know someone who has. What if a ghost is nothing more than a projection of another timeline that has shadowed into your world? Now combine that with the power of possession and you have Distorted. We have a house that can link two timelines forcing players to fight for survival while being possessed by a very pissed off entity.

What is Distorted?

Distorted is a multiplayer approach to a psychological thriller/horror that involves two or more players that are unable to interact with each other directly. Only cues from the surrounding environment and built in limited communication mechanics, the players must use teamwork to progress through the story.

The antagonist is killed within his house by a mob that sought his death for many serial rapes/murders around the surrounding villages. Upon his death he cursed that his work was not done and became a possession of the house. Every year on the anniversary of his death he reawakens to exact his revenge on unsuspecting victims. Because the house is possessed by a ghost that does not seem to exist in one specific timeline the day of his death happens in any iteration of time and space that the house is connected to. The two survivors attempting to escape are from very distinct timeframes, though the house is the same in their respective timeline.

While the survivors are attempting to escape the house with aid from the other survivor, the house being possessed is actively trying to kill the players. This is done by separating the players and allowing for the antagonist to gain strength. When enough strength has accumulated he can materialize and pursue the survivors for a limited time. As the night progresses to his early morning murder he gains strength and will eventually require little distance between the players to exact his revenge.

What is possible?

1-2 players will be survivors trying to escape the house.
0-1 players may act as the house with intent to kill the survivors.

Survivors: The environment consists of a possessed castle of the antagonist through different timelines resulting in environments that have duplicated layouts but vastly different styles/architecture.

House: The house has a generic layout with no specific representation of timeline so the focus is on the survivors. The purpose of the house is to separate the survivors so that the antagonist can come out and kill them.

Feature Set:
(Still work in progress)
•Two distinct themes for each survivor. One current day, another steampunk.
•Survivors cannot directly interact with each other. Played in First Person View.
•House will attempt to aggressively separate survivors and kill them. Played in Top Down View.
•Online play with a lobby to find matches.
•Puzzles requiring components from each timeline to be solved.

In Game Imagery

Lobby View Survivors View Indoors House View Survivors View Outdoors

Choose your option:

•Windows PC Standalone Client: (~200MB) (8 May 2013) Download Now!!!
•Webplayer Client: (~180MB) (8 May 2013) Play
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Who we are!

Warped Logic Logo

The Members:
Stan: Team Lead. Project Idea Creator, Male Model, Environment, Assets
Sai: Primary Programmer, House development, Female Model
John: Primary Programmer, Survivor development, Female Model, Audio
Bonus Game
Dragon Soul:
•Webplayer Client: (~50MB) (8 May 2013) Play Dragon Soul

(This is a game that Stanley developed with the studio class. He was in charge of the menu, hud, marketplace, achievements, options)