Game Overview
Four turtles will be racing in an open world. The Environment will be of different types, and provides obstacles of different types Turtles keeps gaining powers and attack on the other in preventing them to reach first. The turtles will be running continuously. It will be a simultaneous game on four screens maximum, without a multiplayer the single player can play against computer AI

Game Concept
This is a turtles racing game. It consists in run, take power-ups and avoid obstacles until you get to the goal.

Feature Set
There will be obstacles from the environment as well as from the players. Power Ups are different types such as pause the world for others. Different worlds with different obstacles both natural and artificial. 3D world unlike Fun Run and multiplayer with attacks unlike Temple Run

Racing / Arcade racers

Target Audience
Teen, Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Game Flow
The players move only straight, but they can go even to the left side or the right side to avoid the obstacles. And the screen is going to be always behind them like a third person game.

Look and Feel
The graphics are going to be like cartoons. It is going to look like “crash team racing”. You are going to see the turtles from behind. Also, we are going to split the screen in four sections.

Project Scope
This game is going to be a 3 levels game. It also is going to have 4 different characters. The characters are going to be turtles. Every turtle is going to have different colors. There is going to be 3 power-ups( speed, gravity, push). Also, is going to be a main menu, where you can change the different maps and the game difficulty.

Number of locations
There is going to be three different locations, in the ice, in the jungle and in a chocolate factory.

Number of levels
There is going to be three different levels as well. There are going to be in the ice, jungle, and chocolate factory.

Number of NPC's
There is going to be from one to three NPC players, but also there is going to be NPC environment objects.

Number of weapons
There are going to be power-ups, such as, velocity increase, decrease the gravity.