John Taylor


Desperate Descent

Game Title

Desperate Descent(working title)


Action RPG/Dungeon Crawler

Number of Players




Target Audience


Target ESRB Rating


Description of characters

There will only be one character. The player will be able to choose between male and female. If there is a Co-op player they will be able to choose between a different color scheme male or female with the same model. There may be different body types but that is not a necessity.

Description of environment

The environment will include a safe-zone where the player can repair their gear, buy potions, and sell gear. The action will occur in a series of dungeons that will either be catacombs or some sort of caverns. The player will have to fight multiple mini bosses based on Christian demonology and eventually fight the main boss Amayman, The Prince of Hell.

Description of story background

The player is originally just a mercenary looking for money/loot. Eventually, the mercenary gets drawn into truly helping the town and seeking out the source of the demons.

Basic rules that highlights the core game mechanic, outcomes, and sense of strategy

The game is based on a random-ish loot based system. Certain enemies will have the possibility of dropping items with randomized variables in set stats. This will give the player some replayability. The main focus of the game will be to defeat the 3 main mini bosses and use the items dropped by them to unlock the crypt of Amaymon.

What games are similar and how is yours different?

This game will be similar to Diablo I with graphics similar to Diablo III. The loot will be somewhat similar to Dark Souls, rather than Diablo. Demonic Descent will have a similar theme to Diablo but will have an entirely different story as well as a different types of bosses. The areas will be semi-randomized and the “keys” are a completely new concept that will prevent people from rushing till the end.

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