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Game Title: Fight for Greece  (working title)

Genre: Fighter

Number of Players: 1-4

Platform: PC

Target Audience: 13+

Target ESRB Rating: Teen

Description of environment, characters, and story background:

                Fight for Greece is a fighting game that takes place in Ancient Greece. The main characters are Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Ares who are at ends with each other over control of the mortal world. In addition to the main characters, 10-12 other gods and heroes are ready to give their allegiances to one of the four.

Basic rules that highlights the core game mechanic, outcomes, and sense of strategy

The players take their pick from one of four gods (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Ares) and must fight each other for the right to rule Greece. To claim Greece, the players must fight each other at temples to claim the city states for their own. Winning a city state gives the player access to an additional god or hero of Greece to help the player’s cause. The rules are simple and resemble risk. Greece’s cities are divided among the players giving the player access to several gods in addition to the main four. The first player then moves first on the map and attacks another player with a chosen god. The defending player then chooses the god to defend the city state and the fight commences. The fight itself is similar to Street Fighter or Tekken. If a player loses their main temple, Mt. Olympus for Zeus for example, then that player is out of the game, this makes defending the temple the top priority. Similar to risk, players can only attack neighboring areas. The one to claim all of Greece wins the game.

What games are similar and how is yours different?

                My game is similar to the strategy game risk and the fighting game Tekken. My game is different in that it combines the two games to give an overall strategy to the fighting genre.  

Bullet point list of key features

        Fights between gods

        10-12 gods to choose from

        Conquest of Ancient Greece

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